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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of fluorinate.
  • adj. Treated or reacted with fluorine or hydrofluoric acid.
  • adj. Formally derived from another compound by the replacement of one or more atoms of hydrogen with fluorine.


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  • They may also come from breakdown of another compound called fluorinated telomers, which are compounds used as coating for commercial food packaging, factory treatments for fabrics and carpets, and manufacturer pretreatment for stain0resistant clothing.

    CTV BritishColumbiaHome

  • CO2 is the major contributor to climate change, but climate forcers such as black carbon, ozone and fluorinated gases f-gases can offer dramatic reductions in temperature increases -- and provide us with swift results.

    James Thornton: F-Gases: An Essential Landmark for Europe's Low-Carbon Roadmap

  • Another group of abused products are the fluorinated hydrocarbons or freons.

    Freon Abuse

  • More Supreme Court Decisions High Court Sides With Wal-Mart in Bias Case Supreme Court Rejects Wyeth Appeal Many scientists say the principal greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere because of human activities—carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases—trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

    Court Blocks States' Greenhouse-Gas Suit

  • In this fantasyland of conspiracy and fear of mind-control via fluorinated water, the president is the amazing beneficiary of the most prescient plot in human history - next to the invention of the hot dog centuries prior to the creation of baseball.

    Cliff Schecter: Donald Trump's Not Running; But Trumpism Still Is

  • So how about we objectively screen expectant mothers for "postpartum conditions" and give them "medications," fluorinated and chlorinated SSRIs and dopamine 2 antagonists ( "antipsychotic medications") and benzos.

    Wingnut Murder Spree or Are WE Part of the Problem?

  • So there you go the schoolmurderers, the suicides, Andria Yates, all have SSRIs in common and Dr. Blaylock extends the warningto include other fluorinated pharmaceuticals.

    Wingnut Murder Spree or Are WE Part of the Problem?

  • To believe otherwise is no more grounded in evidence that to believe that breast cancer is caused by power lines, or that the polio vaccine impedes virility, or that fluorinated drinking water triggers autism.

    Jacob M. Appel: Abortion: A Healthy Choice

  • The protective measures required for an enrichment plant are therefore similar to those taken by other chemical industries concerned with the production of fluorinated chemicals.

    Uranium enrichment

  • -- The dumbed-down and fluorinated, reality TV and mass media hypnotized American people (in large) have trouble finding their bathrooms during commercial breaks.

    Who's Supporting or Opposing Ahmadinejead or Mousavi?


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