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  • n. Plural form of fluorochrome.


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  • It is a nice table that lists two cytometers we also have access to a 12-color, the fluorochromes, the emission spectra, and the exciting laser.

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  • Thirdly, streptavidin can be covalently labelled with fluorochromes and used directly in fluoro-cytochemistry staining.

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  • Because of the problems of photodestruction of fluorochromes in the presence of oxygen


  • The ScanScope FL acquires high-resolution multi-color digital images that can be archived permanently, eliminating concerns about fading of the fluorochromes on the glass slides over time.


  • Limitations of conventional embryo screening techniques Cells are in interphase - use FISH Limited range of fluorochromes Less than half the chromosomes tested Spreading requires skill and can be inconsistent Mosaicism Poses a significant problem for diagnosis.

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  • For secondary antibodies conjugated with fluorochromes, sections were incubated with Sudan Black (0. 1% in 70% ethanol) for 30 mins to reduce autofluorescence.

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  • The use of increased numbers of simultaneous fluorochromes offers the following potential advantages: increased accuracy of population identification, the ability to make better use of small specimens where cell number is a limiting factor, the processing of fewer tubes with the consequent reduction in reagents, technologist time and instrument time, the more efficient analysis of large numbers of cells which is important for the detection of small cell populations, and ultimately improved standardization.

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  • ( "photobleaching") and limitations on the numbers of fluorochromes that can be involved a single region, a variety of sensitive electronic detectors are used in fluorescence microscopy.



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