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  • n. That portion of the rainfall or precipitation upon the earth's surface which is evaporated and returned to the atmosphere: distinguished from the run-off, or that portion of the rainfall which flows away from the surface to form rivers.


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  • A fly-off lever from the L109 British army issue explosive grenade and safety pin were found by police along with a J-shaped fishing hook on the ground near the car, following the explosion.

    Ex-soldier found guilty of trying to murder wife with grenade

  • Under O'Keefe and Steidle NASA was heading toward your suggested fly-off competition operating model (which DOES compare better to your cited examples), but Griffin squashed that and reshaped Constellation along the old NASA paradigm: govt dictates the precise design, industry builds that design under an exclusive contract.

    Remembering Apollo 11 and the Legacy of Apollo - NASA Watch

  • Possibly will involve a DoD-style competition with major LV manufacturers, possibly including those from friendly foreign nations, invited to submit ideas and later prototypes for a 'fly-off'.

    Transition Update - NASA Watch

  • And then some Air Force crew at the fly-off base in Afghanistan who maybe notice Bird Twelve done come back shy one of its two Paveways.

    Dead Zero

  • The winner of the JSF "competition" will be determined by a fly-off demonstrating only low-speed handling, STOVL capability, and producibility with at least 70% parts commonality; the YF-22 supersonic cruise demonstrator demonstrated aerodynamics of high-speed, high-G maneuvering, and high alpha, low-speed maneuvering in mock dogfights.

    Winslow T. Wheeler: Joint Strike Fighter: We Were Told This Would Happen

  • It seem like a dreamy DC reality show that peaked as I watched the outgoing culprits shamefully board their helicopter and fly-off into the cold, bitter horizon.

    Tons of Bricks Lighter

  • When the moths in the brincadores powered Teen brain hatch out and fly-off thankfully at night the Teen-Tory enters the next stage of its life cycle.

    The perils of the interweb

  • Editor's note: Word has it that Code T AA Craig Steidle is working on a plan whereby there would be a fly-off of two competing CEV designs sometime in CY 2008.

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: March 2004 Archives

  • That chart looked like there was no way but to go with a fly-off.

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: March 2004 Archives

  • Or it could be a boilerplate fly-off with some CEV related technology.

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: March 2004 Archives


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