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  • n. A technique for painting furniture with flicked drops of paint.


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flyspeck +‎ -ing


  • The group expects to unearth many more millions of dollars in unjustified spending favors for individual Congressmen when the flyspecking is done.

    Stromata Blog:

  • Some of the agency's responses to the draft question whether a final report is even worth publishing, given the "flyspecking" nature of the findings - including details on money spent at the annual picnic for a cotton candy machine and a softball umpire.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The rule hasn't been submitted, while White House regulatory flyspecking usually takes 90 days.

    The EPA's Reliability Cover-Up

  • Lehman on Monday was allowed to go down, after all, only after months of careful flyspecking convinced the powers in Washington that Lehman was not dangerous enough to be worth saving.

    Are We Running Out

  • I am as starved as anyone for a philosopher to defy the flyspecking of the tenured specialists, to light the collective mind on fire.

    Tricky, Abstruse Questions Fielded by Frayn the Brain

  • After he had gone through the house he went for a flyspecking tour of the grounds, where he came upon a private of the Grays on crutches.

    The Last Shot

  • And he accused the news media of "flyspecking," dissecting his remark and not recognizing humor. rss feed

  • "I expected to have to work hard, I expected to have to study hard, but I did not realize the flyspecking nature of the media."

    News -

  • She might be happy to cede to Trump some of the baggage that comes with being a political celebrity-the flyspecking of every statement, the quickness of opponents in the blogosphere to attack, the constant mockery that she endures.

    The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and Headlines -

  • With legions of Obama Administration posts sitting vacant amid multiple national crises, many in Washington are asking if congressional due diligence has become unreasonable flyspecking

    The Online News Page


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