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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of foam.


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  • Specifically the realm of 'foamed' metals forged in zero gee at high Gauss…

    NASA Administrator Orders Study of Heavy Lift Alternatives | Universe Today

  • The big ones are power satellites (beaming zero-carbon-footprint energy to earth), zero-G industrial processes (things that can't be cheaply made in a gravity field, such as foamed steel), and tourism (I'm looking forward to Disneymoon, and that first Hyatt with an out-of-this-world view).

    Near-future Space Industries

  • Liquid rock decompresses and explodes from the volcano's mouth, producing a mixture of 'foamed' glass and micro - and mini-crystals.

  • Constantly under pressure, Cutler could only debate taking the sack or forcing bad throws, both of which were capitalized on by a Skins unit that foamed at the mouth.

    By any means necessary - Redskins 17 Bears 14

  • The bartender of The White Horse pub plunked another pint of Guinness onto the bar, and Elaine watched as the swirling, dark liquid foamed over the rim of the glass.


  • McSweeny's Books Theodore Pull In his shows, Theodore Pull feigned a trance and foamed at the mouth to add drama.

    Conjurers, Con Men & Other Strange Celebrities

  • Sarit handed her a bottle of peroxide, and Cara poured it over her knee, watching as it foamed white.


  • Elsinore, one moment overtoppling her slender frailness, the next moment splashing a hundred tons of water on her deck and flinging her skyward as they passed beneath and foamed and crested from sight in the murky gray to leeward.


  • Then, astounded by the quantity of beer that was lacking, and remembering having seen stale beer made to foam afresh, I took a stick and stirred what was left till it foamed to the brim.

    Chapter 3

  • Hagan might be, when Tim himself appeared around the corner, bearing a lidless lard-can that foamed with steam beer.



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