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  • adj. Resembling foam; foamy.


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foam +‎ -like


  • Halliburton also decried the report, in which it was faulted for using too much nitrogen in a foamlike cement mixture that BP's team said was "very likely unstable" and that one investigator compared to shaving cream going flat.

    In its report on the gulf oil spill, BP spreads the blame

  • In 2006, for instance, Hasbro signed a licensing agreement with Performance Designed Products LLC, a small videogame-accessories maker, allowing the company to produce a game controller made with Nerf, the famous foamlike material.

    Hitched to a Star

  • It's made with Nerf, the famous foamlike material owned by Hasbro.

    Hitched to a Star

  • If one imagined it as a bubbling, foamlike mass (almost hopelessly misleading, yet a first approximation to the truth) then those bubbles were ...

    The Songs of Distant Earth

  • Or that it survives there in an almost unrecognizable foamlike form.


  • All was lovely and foamlike above her, and there was a scent of old trunks, and of nettles.

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works

  • Hissing with foamlike noise when pressed and pierced

    Poems of Paul Hamilton Hayne,

  • Her head was pillowed on crimson gold-embroidered cushions; her diaphanous draperies, billowing foamlike over her, half concealed, half revealed her lovely form; her hair waved away from her brows, and spread like a shower of gold over the cushions.

    Shapes that Haunt the Dusk

  • Since the earthquake, rangers have been using a foamlike filler and caulk to try to minimize water seeping in through cracks in the monument's mortar that are up to one-quarter-inch wide.

    The Seattle Times

  • Concentration Coat, a full-length cocoon of foamlike fabric into which wearers could withdraw from the press scrum around them, podlike studies in portable solitude.

    NYT > Home Page


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