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  • n. A watch carried in the fob.


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  • Nicolette glanced down at her fob-watch ".. ten-fifteen, so we'd better go and draw it up now, hadn't we?"

    Consultant Care

  • But a quick glance at her fob-watch showed that it was only just after five-thirty.

    Consultant Care

  • Jane glanced down at her fob-watch, then shook her head.

    Consultant Care

  • She glanced pointedly at her fob-watch and then at Nicolette.

    Consultant Care

  • She stumbled out of the director of nursing's office, taking a deep, deep breath to control herself as she looked down at her fob-watch.

    Consultant Care

  • When fully ripened, the dry fruit of the snap-dragon opens three windows; that of the pimpernel splits into two rounded halves, something like those of the outer case of a fob-watch; the fruit of the carnation partly unseals its valves and opens at the top into a star-shaped hatch.

    The Life of the Spider

  • You can watch a movie instead, or rather snatches of thousands of films, each of which features a timepiece of some sort: a digital alarm clock, Big Ben, a fob-watch or a Rolex.

    The Guardian World News

  • Then - after a diverting investigation into how disgusting real turtle soup is - he made mock-turtle soup (cow's head soup is what that was) and reduced it to a gold-leaf-wrapped stock-cube, in the shape of a fob-watch, that would deliquesce in a cup of hot water to make broth for the Mad Hatter's tea party.

    Culture |

  • He argued that no-one who examined a fob-watch could deny its complexity or that it wasn't designed and made by someone.

    In Defence of Marxism

  • John Turville's strangely distorted Rhodes-piano chords recalled Dali's melted fob-watch.

    Evening Standard - Home


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