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  • n. the confinement of an infection to a limited area
  • n. the act of bringing into focus


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  • I mean the whole kit-and-kaboodle: the overall structure, and the narrative, the pacing and focalisation, the characterisation, the dialogue, the tone.

    Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time (1990-2005)

  • Attenuated focalisation often works subtly in conveying the impression that we are momentarily restricted to the visual range of a particular character.

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  • The narrator may see something which (at that point) he cannot make out, and that vagueness of vision is conveyed as attenuated GENIUSROI | 14 focalisation.

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  • It looks at the usefulness of pragmatic theories to the interpretation of literary texts and surveys methods of analysing narrative, with special attention given to narratorial authority and character focalisation.

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  • Nevertheless, there is another possible response to this situation of depression which is not to wish it away via the amphetamines of more circulation and competition, but instead to confront it through a type of paradigm shift or re-focalisation, by means of which the emergence of a new constellation of beliefs becomes possible out of the ruins of a destructive obsession.

    Mute magazine - Culture and politics after the net - CULTURE AND POLITICS AFTER THE NET

  • une focalisation sur les besoins des associations à but non lucratif et ONG un environement loin-de-la-ville un premier jour sans wifi une ambiance de camping avec du bon vin, de la bonne nourriture et un feu de joie un deuxième jour avec du wifi

    2007 April — Climb to the Stars


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