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  • n. Any signal made in foggy weather to prevent danger to ships or railroad-trains by collision or otherwise.


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  • When he looked at his watch, it was half-past three in the morning, and the fog-signal was still hooting into the night.

    Maigret and the Old Lady

  • And it is conceded that Mr. C.L. Daboll, under the direction of Prof. Henry, and at the instance of the United States L.ghthouse Board, first practically used it as a fog-signal by erecting one for use at Beaver Tail

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 470, January 3, 1885

  • _ -- It appears from the evidence given in 1845, before the select committee raised by the English House of Commons, that the use of the locomotive-whistle as a fog-signal was first suggested by Mr.A. Gordon, C.E., who proposed to use air or steam for sounding it, and to place it in the focus of a reflector, or a group of reflectors, to concentrate its sounds into a powerful phonic beam.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 470, January 3, 1885

  • Works, under the guidance of Prof. Henry, at the instance and for the use of the United States Lighthouse Establishment, which also adopted it for use as a fog-signal.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 470, January 3, 1885

  • He could not hear the lighthouse fog-signal at all, now, and the waves were much bigger under the boat.

    The Happy Venture

  • Japanese auxiliary cruiser _Pelung Maru_, for example, being taken for a fog-signal, nevertheless an annoying surprise awaited the enemy elsewhere.

    Banzai! by Parabellum

  • The whistling of the fog-signal, which had now become almost constant, vanquished at length his inclination toward slumber.

    The Philistines

  • A continuous sounding with any fog-signal apparatus.

    A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents Volume 8, part 2: Grover Cleveland

  • From Soucelito either a stage or a private conveyance carries you to Olema, whence you should visit Point Reyes, one of the most rugged capes on the coast, where a light-house and fog-signal are placed to warn and guide mariners.

    Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands

  • There were thirty days in which during a part, if not the whole, of the twenty-four hours we had out our fog-signal men; that is to say, an additional staff of 300 men, each with his flag and detonating signals, placed within sight, or within sound of one another, to assist the ordinary signalmen in the safe conduct of the traffic.

    The Iron Horse


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