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  • n. Plural form of fogey.


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  • I suppose you'd still be the next generation of old-fogeys, griping about those young whippersnappers, but at least you'd have integrity.

    Edward Muzio: Over 30? Quit Whining About The Next Generation At Work

  • "Amiable old fogeys," himself included, "look at the capers of the celebrities of the present day with varying degrees of distaste, tut and wag their heads and see it all as the end of civilisation."

    A Short History of Celebrity by Fred Inglis

  • Sorry, Cody, but just because you're part of the generation at which dross like the Transformer films or Grown Ups is aimed - or that, unlike us old fogeys, you think those movies rock - well, that doesn't qualify you to be a critic.

    Marshall Fine: Cody's critical generation gap

  • It's hard to impress upon young people the future consequences of their actions: I can't imagine many kids hitting the books extra hard to make sure they'll be healthy when they're old fogeys, and I don't think kids who are inclined to drink energy drinks are likely to be swayed by the prospect of being harmed by too much caffeine.

    Keeping caffeine from kids

  • I'll tell you what's really unnatural, it is the thinking of these dark-aged, draconian-minded fogeys who want to control the lives of others.

    Obama: Allow hospital visits for gays

  • Regardless, I will be one of those old fogeys wandering one of the few print bookstores left in existence, steadfastly refusing to even try an Ereader!

    Are Ebooks Dead? at Ray Fowler .org

  • "Those old fogeys get like that, wanting to extend their last expeditionary assignment as long as they can."

    Cattle Town

  • - Public Transit Fees: Not only are their tickets discounted, but everyone has to waste valuable seats, time, and mothball-free air just to ensure the fogeys make it to their Keno conventions!

    Jilly Gagnon: A Modest Proposal, or How to Use Wasted Resources...Like the Elderly!

  • These neighbors had built on a narrow lot too near the water, the old fogeys said.


  • He and the other old fogeys in North wales such as Gareth Jones and Phil Edwards try to present themselves as some sort of welsh-speaking kinder and gentler alternative to the tories.

    Plaid Cymru and 'fat cat' bankers


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