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  • n. Alternative form of feldspathoid.


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Shortening of feldspathoid.


  • Coup de foid ou indigestion j'ai en ce moment une santé des plus merdique ce qui est toujours le cas je dirais donc particulierement merdique en c'moment ...

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • I would be a little more concerned about the gun holders who DO NOT have foid cards, wouldn't you? - News

  • When your license get's run your foid comes up, right?

    Forums -

  • Its a buck a year, show your foid card with pride as a gun owner, not with shame of a conformist who caved to unreasonable opression.


  • If you don't hunt or fish, find some other regular reminder to check the date on your foid card if its not carried or accessed regularly.


  • Effectively prosecuting gun crime, illegal posession, and enforcing laws that are on the books, is the part that is failing, not the foid card system.


  • I am sure the normal persons drivers license is presented 100-1 times more than their foid for identification purposes.


  • When you get a speeding ticket and they take your license, in lieu of bail, should your ticket then be your foid card?


  • Most normal guns and ammo of all kinds, can be legally purchased without ever even doing a background check, if you have a valid foid card.


  • For more information about FOID cards in Illinois, visit the Illinois State Police homepage at www. / foid. Home RSS


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