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  • adjective Of or characteristic of folk music, art, or literature.
  • adjective Simple or natural; folksy.

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  • adjective In the style of folk music


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folk +‎ -ish


  • This is necessary, since unfortunately, even in so-called folkish circles, all sorts of unctuous big-mouths step forward, endeavoring to set the rectification of the injustice of 1918 as the aim of the German nation's endeavors in the field of foreign affairs, but at the same time find it necessary to assure the whole world of folkish brotherhood and sympathy.

    Mein Kampf

  • There's a sort of glitch in Medieval culture, where the priestly monopoly of literacy makes some of the productions of the secular elite seem rather "folkish". FREE HIGHBEAM TRIAL.

  • And here one sport in particular must not be forgotten, which in the eyes of many 'folkish' minded people is considered vulgar and undignified: boxing.

    Mein Kampf

  • It indicates a lack of deep insight into historical developments when today people who call themselves folkish make a great point of assuring us over and over that they do not plan to engage in negative criticism, but only in constructive work; this absurd childish stammering is 'folkish' in the worst sense and shows how little trace the history even of their own times has left in these minds.

    Mein Kampf

  • If from the word 'folkish' we try to peel out the innermost kernel of meaning, we arrive at the following:

    Mein Kampf

  • As far as this variety of 'folkish' warriors are concerned, I can only wish the National Socialist movement and the German people with all my heart: Lord, protect them from such friends and they will settle with their enemies by themselves.

    Mein Kampf

  • The concept 'folkish' seems as vaguely defined, open to as many interpretations and as unlimited in practical application as, for instance, the word 'religious,' and it is very hard to conceive of anything absolutely precise under this designation, either in the sense of intellectual comprehension or of practical effects.

    Mein Kampf

  • Not only in German-National, but even in 'folkish' circles, the idea of such an eastern policy is violently attacked, and, as almost always in such matters, they appeal to a higher authority.

    Mein Kampf

  • The situation with the term 'folkish' is similar to that with the term 'religious.'

    Mein Kampf

  • This time, she produces a new genre, some kind of folkish prog-metal, witty and bittersweet.

    This Is Fake DIY


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