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  • adv. In a folkloric way.


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folkloric +‎ -ally


  • "When we say 'Gypsy,' we mean folklorically, instead of ethnically or by blood," Mr. Dede said.

    Accompanying Wanderers at Heart

  • But Wild in the World, a folklorically spare story about a boy who sees his entire family die one or two at a time, then befriends a wild wolf (or dog), only to die himself in the end.

    He says . . she says

  • This stuff makes a joke out of MacGuyver and Gilligan's Island's Professor -- (often) brilliant inventions, refined by thousands of inventors who have necessity in plenty, and passed folklorically from one prisoner to another.

    Boing Boing: August 24, 2003 - August 30, 2003 Archives

  • She was scolded about what she ate and what conditions were folklorically believed to flow from her eating habits.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Islands thus represented are Iceland, Nova Zembla, a particularly well-turned out New Zealand (perhaps a Wellington boot?), a Japanese folklorically correct wooden shoe (the exact term eludes me), an unmatching pair representing the island of New Guinea, divided between the independent state of Papua New Guinea (eastern half) and Irian Jaya (Indonesia's western half). News

  • "He's also not widely known outside the old-time and folklorically inclined communities, and I think he should be, as he's such a unique and affecting singer and guitarist who would find a lot of fans if they were turned on to him."


  • WHISKEY AND WATER by Elizabeth Bear - folklorically-informed contemporary fantasy

    Once Upon A Time III


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