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  • n. Plural form of fontanel.


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  • They’re called fontanels, and they’re the membrane-covered openings at the points where the plates of the skull haven’t yet fused together yet.

    You Raising Your Child

  • Your baby’s skull has two soft spots called fontanels areas where the bones haven’t completely fused.

    Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

  • Other, less common, problems include: bony abnormalities — such as extra fingers, extra ribs, a missing forearm bone and spine problems that sometime leads to spine curvature (scoliosis) spina bifida juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune disorders, such as ideopathic thrombocytopenia, vitiligo and Graves disease eye problems, such as colobomas premature fusion of the "soft spots" (fontanels) — called craniosynstosis emotional or psychological problems intestinal malrotation diaphragmatic hernia

    Treating Chromosome 22q Deletion

  • FISH: fluorescence in situ hybridization — the laboratory test used to identify extra or missing pieces of chromosomal material that are often too small to detect under the microscope. fontanels: the soft spots of the skull in babies.


  • To get rid of the scales, you can massage the scalp with mineral oil or petroleum jelly, remembering to be gentle around the fontanels the soft spots on the top of her head.

    Be Prepared

  • Skulls became lighter and somewhat smaller, and were probably more easily compressed during birth because fontanels, unfused areas in the skull, were larger than in the past.

    Circles of Stone

  • Under this rational treatment, discharge and ulcer act as fontanels to the system.

    Nature Cure

  • Soul is breath; and when a man dies, his soul passes through the fontanels of the head, or through the eyes or the nostrils or the mouth.

    Unknown Mexico, Volume 1 (of 2) A Record of Five Years' Exploration Among the Tribes of the Western Sierra Madre; In the Tierra Caliente of Tepic and Jalisco; and Among the Tarascos of Michoacan

  • The main challenge confronting the parents and teachers of freshly-minted children is filling up their empty little noggins with actual knowledge, before their skull bones knit together over their fontanels, forever locking away everything they will ever know.

    The Pitch | Complete Issue

  • I think it's especially cunning and duplicitious to sneak in politkorrektnost by promising a cosmic collective self-celebration of "enhancement" from this blanketing of your fontanels.

    World of SL


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