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  • n. A pleasurable sensation from eating food.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of food and orgasm


  • The food was appreciated by almost everyone (saving the one person who doesn't like any kind of spice), particularly those whom were allergic to stuff - so i was pleased that it was enjoyed, Misty especially loved the food, once again the Tom Kha soup has been christened the 'foodgasm' * mmmmmm*

    March 1st, 2006

  • Even Alton's "foodgasm" is just too damn cool for your own good!

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  • I had the pomegranate-lacquered breast of duck, which was a total foodgasm.

    Thor's Day, which is my Friday this week

  • Those foodgasm smiles, so achingly huge, so full of zest and verve and gusto and zip and all sorts of crap no one is ever really full of for real.

    What happens when you blog about cereal?

  • Meanwhile, I've also been eating: grilled cheese from my favorite cheese place foodgasm!

    Searching Stupidity

  • The office workers, who clearly need something to spice up their Monday morning, engage in some kind of ritualistic group foodgasm while the stunned boss wonders who the hell he's employed.


  • Multiple dipping materials and a warm bowl of both milk and dark chocolate, talk about a foodgasm!

    Recent Reviews Near San Francisco, CA

  • Remember to chill your ice cream canister, and then follow this simple recipe for a Cookies and Cream foodgasm (See below).

  • It's a foodgasm that has the power to relax and chill you on a hot day, but I know how fast a student on a budget can be forced to say no to ice cream with the Ben & Jerry's of the world charging upwards of $4 for a pint.

  • I don't make it often because it requires some time, but there is no better way to foodgasm and warm up at once.


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