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  • n. The environmental impact, or footprint, of food, including the amount of land required to sustain a diet, the amount of carbon dioxide produced, if the food is organic, and if it is local.


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Blend of food and footprint


  • I took part in the one-week No Impact Experiment and day four's challenge was to eat healthy to lesson our family's "foodprint" -- the impact our food has on the environment (packaging waste, distance traveled, amount of resources used to process, etc.)

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The No Impact Project week's in full swing now, and those of us who've signed on are taking a closer look at our carbon "foodprint" today.

    Kerry Trueman: No Impact Food Day Q&A With Colin Beavan

  • Stringer's also a big fan of urban agriculture, eager to help NYC residents curb their carbon "foodprint" by helping folks grow more of their own food in community gardens, backyards and on rooftops.

    Kerry Trueman: The Politician Who's Ready to Reclaim Our Food Chain Now

  • So while economists and scientists debate the merits and perils of cap and trade, Stringer and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn have been busy working with food policy experts and others (like me) to craft cutting edge initiatives to curb New York City's carbon "foodprint" by relocalizing our food chain, supporting urban agriculture, converting food waste to compost instead of sending it to the landfills, and so on.

    Kerry Trueman: NYC Climate Summit Puts the Focus on Food

  • Minimize your "foodprint" by buying from locally stocked supermarkets and farmers 'markets.

    eco-mama Diary Entry

  • It turns out the principles for reducing your carbon "foodprint" sound a lot like those to choose for your health: eat fresh foods, lots of fruits and veggies, go for organic and minimally processed fare. Main RSS Feed

  • Today I bought a small filet of farm-raised fish (aka "brain food") for the three of us, but it was not from the U.S. - an unusual purchase for us these days in our desire to lessen our "foodprint", but again today's pace played a role: I hadn't pre-planned dinner so I rushed the selection process.

    Charlottesville Blogs

  • And, as you might expect, there are lots of tips on how to curb your carbon foodprint.

    Kerry Trueman: Laurie David's Family Dinner Cookbook: The Culinary Companion to Jon Stewart's Sanity Rally?

  • Learn about the 24 fresh ways to reduce your foodprint - from how to best calculate how many kegs of organic beer you need for your next green party, to why you should adopt a plate-half-full attitude at your next neighborhood BBQ.

    green LA girl

  • We love urban chickens because they promote biodiversity, self-sufficiency, a deeper connection to the food supply, and a reduced foodprint.



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