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  • n. The region that produces the food for a particular population.


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Modelled on watershed.


  • A similar term is foodshed, which is the area where a person or family can obtain locally grown food.

    IEEE Spectrum

  • On a preliminary basis such a "foodshed" could be set at a 100-200 mile distance; within this area, designated growers of healthy food would be provided special access to New York City food markets and other retail and wholesale outlets, including farmers 'markets.

    Scott Stringer: Putting Food Policy On The City's Front Burner

  • Changing our development policies, monitoring fresh food availability and even creating a "foodshed" are important initiatives, but they will not be enough to on their own to create a healthier, better fed city.

    Scott Stringer: Putting Food Policy On The City's Front Burner

  • Kloppenburg, drawing from the earlier concepts of the bioregional movement (i.e. Sale 1993) and Getz (1991) conceptualised the notion of a 'foodshed', defined by Peters et. al (2008: 2) as "the geographic area from which a population derives its food supply", and perceived these as hybrid social and natural constructs (Feagan 2007: 26).

    Transition Culture

  • The Totnes data could be interpreted as inferring that within the culture of the town, the fact that it still holds regular markets, and still has a strong commercial presence from local growers, means that people feel, on some level, situated within the kind of 'foodshed' that Kloppenburg et. al

    Transition Culture

  • In this regard, as a 'foodshed' it encapsulates the catchment from which the bulk of the town's diet would have 'flowed' into Totnes town.

    Transition Culture

  • The researchers also mapped the existing local "foodshed" in the Charlottesville area, including retailers, farmers 'markets and restaurants.

    U.Va. Mobile

  • Ask Sustainable Connections 'Food & Farming Program manager and Bellingham Farmers Market board member Shonie Schlotzhauer your questions about eating local, knowing your farmer, what's in season and where to find it, what a "foodshed" is, or why food prices are going through the roof.

    The Bellingham Herald: Sports News

  • Joined by organizations like Columbia University's Earth Institute and the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, I have urged that New York designate a "foodshed" consisting of farms in a given radius of the city where growers of healthy food would have special access to city markets and from which government purchasers of food would be required to buy a certain percent of their vegetables, dairy products and other items.

    The Full Feed from

  • Currently, about 2 percent of the food grown in the tri-county "foodshed" (Benton, Linn and Lincoln) is consumed there.



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