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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fook.


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  • All the rich fooks would immediately buy up all the distressed property and become slumlords.

    Think Progress » Deficit Peacock Newt Gingrich Doesn’t Recognize His Own Feathers

  • There's a fookuvalot of fooks in that fookin 'movie.


  • An' where in Hell's Dylan Thomas, at th' and o' th' day, fer fooks sake?

    Combover and Bilge

  • It's Bonnie an 'fookin' Clyde except this couple are about as sexy as a dog's arse, sad drug-fooks the both of 'em, but heavily armed sad drug-fooks.

    High Society

  • All those pathetic fooks ever nick is the video or whatever, just grab enough to flog for another hit and fook off.

    High Society

  • 'So after he fooks off I'm sat there like shakin' but thinkin 'to meself that the trail is never going to be warmer than at that very moment.

    High Society

  • There was another Monk Soham woman who told my sister one day that she had been reading in the Bible "about that there gal Haggar," and who, after discussing the story of Hagar, went on, "When that gal grew up she went and preached to some fooks in a city that were livin 'bad lives."

    Two Suffolk Friends

  • Last she begun to mend, and she sed that the fooks there were werry kind.

    Two Suffolk Friends

  • There was old Mullinger of Earl Soham, who thought it "wrong of fooks to go up in a ballune, as that fare {33} so bumptious to the Almighty."

    Two Suffolk Friends

  • He hollered out at the top o 'the stairs; and sum o' the fooks cum runnin 'up to see what was the matter.

    Two Suffolk Friends


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