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  • n. A small round bag filled with plastic pellets or other material and used in games that require its being kept aloft with the feet.
  • n. Any of the games in which such a bag is used.

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  • n. A small beanbag or sandbag used as a ball in a number of sports and games. It is typically controlled by the feet, but in some sports every part of the body except the hands and arms may be used.
  • n. A generic name for the sports which use the footbag.


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foot +‎ bag, by analogy with football.


  • You know it as hackey-sack - what all the stoners did between classes, or while skipping class in high school - but it's called "footbag," and there's a whole competition dedicated to it.

    Rochester City Newspaper

  • But here's a few of us playing footbag with a few kids near the park.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • My old footbag -- a lowly Hacky Sack Striker. posted by Jonathan at

    Jon Aquino's Mental Garden

  • Just started doing a bit of footbag and I'm quite tired -- I hope this is going to be a good (and fun) way to be fit. posted by Jonathan at

    Jon Aquino's Mental Garden

  • Finally, you can play with the footbag, which consists of keeping a small beanbag airborne using only your feet -- style counts.

    The Usenet Lynx FAQ by Rob Jung

  • And, surely enough, I was hauled up into the carriage and put just as I was into the footbag lying on the front of the carriage, which was entirely open, with not even a leather apron stretched across it.

    The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 12

  • One of the competition's most difficult categories, footbag net, meshes the sport with volleyball; the players must volley the bag back and forth over a 5-foot net using only their feet.

    The Daily Iowan - Online Edition

  • Roughly 300 footbag players kick their bags competitively in the United States, and only around five players - including Washburn - play the sport across the state, said Benjamin Benulis, membership director of the International Footbag Players 'Association.

    The Daily Iowan - Online Edition

  • Washburn, 22, a Cedar Rapids native, graduated last year from the UI but continues to play footbag on campus and around Iowa City.

    The Daily Iowan - Online Edition

  • At the world championship competition in the Czech Republic last month - the largest footbag competition - there were only around 200 competitors.

    The Daily Iowan - Online Edition


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