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  • n. a unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle


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  • The norm for illumination was a footcandle or less just a few years ago, Gibbs says.

    What Main Street Can Learn From the Mall

  • Three quarters to one footcandle, Gibbs estimated.

    What Main Street Can Learn From the Mall

  • The St. Paul building code lists thousands of do's and don'ts in breathtaking detail - stipulating, for example, that every basement window must have a screen of "not more than sixteen (16) mesh per inch" and that outdoor lighting be equal to "one (1) footcandle at the pavement."


  • Lutron Ecosystem electronic dimming ballast tuned to desired footcandle and energy levels.

    Hubbell Lighting Helps Dirksen Federal Court Building Cut Lighting Energy Usage by More Than 50% - Yahoo! Finance

  • It can also focus down to 1/8 footcandle unassisted by its AF-assist lamp when trained on a high-contrast subject, and can focus in total darkness with the AF-assist lamp enabled.

    Imaging Resource News Page

  • Before and after photos of the lighting on Davie Street: BEFORE (HPS) AFTER (LED) Technical findings: • 51% footcandle reduction measured at selected points on the street with LED lighting • 8% footcandle reduction measured at selected points on the sidewalks with LED lighting • 43% footcandle reduction as calculated on the entire street with LED lighting • 42% wattage reduction with LED lighting • Uniformity

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