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  • n. One's natural preference for using the left or right foot, especially in boardsports.

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  • n. the property of favoring one foot over the other (as in kicking a ball)


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footed +‎ -ness


  • (Though given his sure-footedness in word and line, I doubt little is left to chance.)

    Clusterbook #1 | clusterflock

  • By controlling the player's abnormal foot bio-mechanics pronation or flat footedness with orthotics, the muscles in the arch and lower leg will not fatigue, get tired or become overused.

    Dr. Steve Rosenberg: Fall Means It Is Conditioning Time for High School and College Athletes

  • On the road, the Sport's ride combined cushy comfort with sure-footedness in a way that made it a pleasure to drive in tight city traffic, on winding back roads and on long highway trips.

    Luxury SUVs Worth the Guilt

  • What is missing is the fleet-footedness of theatre, and particularly theatre's appeal to the imagination.

    Sin Sangre (Without Blood)

  • Following England's World Cup debacle, the site became part of a wider charge sheet that suggested Capello had lost the sure-footedness that guided the team to qualification, amid questions about his decision to renege on an earlier promise not to pick injured players, to take those in form to South Africa and his aloof style.

    Capello Index risks clash with Premier League as fiasco escalates

  • Shortly afterwards, the financial crisis began in earnest and Goldman's sure-footedness began to seem malevolently opportunistic.

    Lloyd Blankfein. King of Wall Street defiant under siege

  • This seems to require an amazing amount of fleet footedness from everyone involved, which does create some tension in what is otherwise a pretty much stand and deliver affair.

    Stairway to Palermo

  • Previously, pretty much of a career minor leaguer, Torres became the Giant's spark this year: a base stealing, home run hitting lead-off man, whose speed in the outfield compensated for the incredible lead-footedness of fellow cast-offs Pat Burrell in Left and Jose Guillen in Right.

    Larry Abrams: A Tale of Two (or Three) Cities

  • But most of the credit goes to Obama himself, to his sure-footedness as a candidate and a leader.

    Obama: Inside the Final Days of a Historic Race | Disinformation

  • Troy said my goofy footedness meant extra ground contact, albeit very slight, which cost me in the height and force I got in my vertical leap.



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