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  • adj. identified by means of footprinting


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  • I remember that my husband was urged to follow a nurse as she took the baby to be cleaned and weighed and measured and footprinted and wrapped up in a blanket and hat.

    Meredith Lopez: The Juban Princeling Turns One Year Old

  • She screamed while they footprinted her, and weighed her, and whatever else, and then they brought her to me.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Newborns’ Cry Melody Is Shaped by Their Native Language”

  • It's the Blairs, Clintons and Bushes who need to be carbon footprinted, along with the CEOs and upper echelons of oil and gas companies, not us.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Each of the shoes that has been carbon-footprinted comes with a label assessing its greenhouse-gas score on a scale of zero, which is best, to 10, which is worst.

    Six Products, Six Carbon Footprints

  • CAROL LIN, CNN ANCHOR: A baby is being footprinted in north Texas to see if she is Nancy Chavez, abducted from the parking lot of an Abilene Wal-Mart.

    CNN Transcript Aug 14, 2002

  • In comparison to much of the known imagery, this newly released footage is rather mundane: No lone humans tottering vulnerably about in space, impossibly far from their home planet; no state symbols standing humbly yet grandiosely above a newly footprinted lunar surface; no tragic fireballs on liftoff or re-entry, declaring immutably the loss of all hands.


  • While the fingerprints, photographs, and GPS ID cards collected by officials of nonw-hite nations are obvious in their intent and purpose, footprints of felony white Americans is more for the humiliating effect of being arrested and forced to remove shoes and be footprinted in front of foreign nonwhite authorities in and in front of the public.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • I used search operators to find potential links for my link building campaign using footprinted Scripts.

    Search Engine Land: News About Search Engines & Search Marketing


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