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  • n. Plural form of footrope.


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  • As the battle entered its fourth hour, around 10:15 P.M., Hamilton edged out along the footropes of the mainyard carrying a lighted slow-match and a leather bucket of grenades.

    John Paul Jones

  • Sharpe followed the Captain's finger and saw that one of the footropes that the topmen would stand on when they were furling the sail had parted.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • It was her: no mistaking her style of running along the footropes.

    Ship Of Magic

  • The whistle blasts were met by a resounding cheer from the schooner; even as the line sagged free, lines of men went racing up into its rigging, inching along the footropes with fearful agility, and almost instantly the sails blossomed out.

    The Gates of Noon

  • In an instant, up started the topmen in pursuit, as it seemed, of the middies in a sort of ` follow my leader 'chase; and ere the vibration of the commander's voice had ceased to tremble in the air, the active fellows were spread out along the footropes of the yards, loosing the lanyards of the gaskets and casting them off, while the deck-men let go the buntlines and clewlines and other running gear.

    Crown and Anchor Under the Pen'ant


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