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  • n. A hoof infection, infectious pododermatitis, that is commonly found in sheep, goat, and cattle.


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foot +‎ rot


  • If you were blaming farming practise for diaeases such as footrot in sheep, Foul of the foot in cattle, or for conformation weaknesses in animals because of breeding for production and asimilar things, I could accept what you say.

    The Badger Cull

  • At the same time, other rhinos given to Belgrade zoo in the former Yugoslavia died after contracting footrot in damp and snowy winter conditions.

    Conservationists protest as Robert Mugabe sends 'ark' of animals to North Korea

  • Goats don't like rain - and suffer horribly from footrot if their feet stay wet all the time - hence, they need shelter more so than sheep - hence the hut. or in a paddock full of goats, a car wreck, providing both roof and something to climb on to keep their hooves in good condition.

    An anthropological puzzle

  • Avoid footrot by planting only on well-drained soils.

    Chapter 21

  • Canker, footrot and leaf mottling are the most serious diseases.

    Chapter 21

  • Now that this research has identified the value of early identification and treatment of footrot it is hoped those farmers will ensure that they have the resources to intervene quickly to regularly inspect and treat individual lame sheep


  • Around 1.6 million of the UK's sheep are afflicted with lameness and 80\% of that is due to the disease footrot.


  • Previous studies have shown that the rapid treatment of a sheep with footrot increases its rate of recovery and decreases transmission of the infection to other sheep yet lameness figures in many flocks seem to persist around the 10\% level and 80\% of that lameness is due to footrot.


  • She's quite dumb, and she's not very far from the presidency should John McCain struggle with angina, footrot, glaucoma, Parkinson's, or other afflictions of the aged.

    Thunder Matt's Saloon

  • By the time we got to the end we had developed, all of us practically in our team, the 21st century equivalent of footrot, or trench rot, which as you know - sorry, you're eating at this stage - which as you know was endemic across many of the trenches in the Western Front in the First World War.

    Australian Government Media Releases [All Portfolios]


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