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  • n. A pedestrian walkway.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A sidewalk.


foot +‎ walk (Wiktionary)


  • It was necessary to step upward to the footwalk to reach school.

    My Friend's death in Nepal

  • It was necessary to step upward to the footwalk to reach school. '

    My Friend's death in Nepal

  • On top of every gate was a footwalk with a handrail, so attendants could go back and forth from one side of the lock to the other whenever the gates were closed.

    The Path Between the Seas

  • He pointed at a stationary truck, parked half on the footwalk, some two hundred yards ahead.

    The Japanese Corpse

  • Here and there a flicker of gas lighted an uncertain space of muddy footwalk and gutter; the long rows of houses, except an occasional lager-bier shop, were closed; now and then she met a band of mill-hands skulking to or from their work.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 42, April, 1861

  • The streets of Ottery are steep and sinuous, and both roadway and footwalk are paved with pebbles and cobble-stones.

    Devon, Its Moorlands, Streams and Coasts

  • He led me along a precarious footwalk that ran in front of the c aves and to the far end of it.

    Carson of Venus

  • A youth in a grey suit and a pair of orange-coloured buttoned boots loitered backwards and forwards over about six yards of footwalk; now he smoked a cigarette, now he leaned against a tree and idly surveyed the passers by.

    The Summons

  • Cinquecento, in front of the railway station, he climbed into one of the small open cabs ranged alongside the footwalk, and placed the valise near him after giving the driver this address:

    The Three Cities Trilogy: Rome, Complete

  • Every minute, when a push obliged Claude to leave the footwalk, he found himself in danger of being knocked down by trucks or vans.

    His Masterpiece


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