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  • v. Present participle of foozle.


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  • Where countless individuals and groups are willing to go to bat for a fellow-citizen, to give him the benefit of the doubt over the official fiddling and foozling of police forces, diplomats and government spokespeople caught with their pants down under the kliegs.

    O Canada

  • The man in the blue coat comes back and drives off, foozling badly.

    Partners In Crime

  • "Found I was getting a bit stale in my golf, don't you know --" there was a momentary pause while he regained the use of his treacherous tongue, then he went on -- "I caught myself foozling a few putts, and I concluded I needed to work back up to form."

    The Diamond Cross Mystery Being a Somewhat Different Detective Story

  • It's all nonsense what you read in the comic papers about people foozling all over the place and breaking clubs and all that.

    The Clicking of Cuthbert

  • "Well -- don't you think pathos is generally rather foozling?"

    The Magnificent Ambersons; illustrated by Arthur William Brown

  • “Well—don’t you think pathos is generally rather foozling?

    Chapter 27

  • I was foozling my approach right along anyway, and the St. Christopher thing couldn't have changed that.

    The House of Toys

  • However, the chances were more in favor of my foozling the long throw than that Nobs would fall down in his part if I gave him the chance.

    The People That Time Forgot

  • Vainly searching in the whins, or foozling on the putting-green;

    The Scarlet Gown being verses by a St. Andrews Man

  • Let's fill the bags, and have no more of this foozling bird-nesting. "

    Tom Brown's Schooldays


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