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  • Not a Sex and the City floozy, vamped out in Pat Field skankwear and bounding from sack to sack in a futile quest for love and multiple orgasms.

    Life As We Know It

  • Amber for creativity, green fluorite for balance, rose quartz for love and harmony, emerald for healing; they glowed with the colors of the rainbow.

    The Trouble with Witches

  • I had escaped it for all the years I had roamed the five continents and their encircling seas; in spite of beautiful women and urging opportunity; in spite of a half-desire for love and a constant search for my ideal, it had remained for me to fall furiously and hopelessly in love with a creature from another world, of a species similar possibly, yet not identical with mine.

    A Princess of Mars

  • I would never be a sucker-ass duck for love again.

    Real wifeys

  • Once and again she shrank at the thought of imperilling his love by her confession: for love was what she needed—it would take the glow of passion to weld together the shattered fragments of her self-esteem.

    The House of Mirth

  • Am I to tell him that I acted for love not of a man but for this blessed isle, to which I, its anointed ruler, am consecrated?

    Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer

  • Then the two Masters said to him (through the interpreters) that his lord was a very bold man, to dare to send such harsh language to the King; and they told him that were it not for love of the unbelievers; and similarly all Mahomet's disciples call all the disciples of Ali unbelievers.

    The Memoirs of the Lord of Joinville

  • About a score stepped out, who were ready to miss the Games for love of Pylenor, or of me, or of adventure.

    The Bull From The Sea

  • I was desperate for love all my life, especially when I was Norma Jeane and only a naive girl in Hollywood.

    All The Available Light

  • The great world-struggle of developing thought is continually foreshadowed in the struggle of the affections, seeking a justification for love and hope.

    George Eliot; A Critical Study of Her Life, Writings and Philosophy


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