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  • n. Plural form of forager.


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  • And they we know, too, that the source of sources, the forager of foragers, is Gary Tooze's DVD Beaver.

    GreenCine Daily: Lists. DVD Beaver.

  • "The Gleaners and I" (2000) is her masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind movie about ragtag foragers and itinerant hoarders, among whom she counts herself a proud member.

    Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories

  • They claim to model themselves after the very earliest human cultures, bands of nomadic "foragers" — a partial euphemism for "hunter-gatherers," disguising the sometimes bloody truth about what primitive people actually ate.

    The Noble Scavenger on The Living-Room Couch

  • In the mounted drill of the Cossacks there is a charge as skirmishers (or "foragers") called the "lava," which is executed at

    Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute

  • Poultry abounded in the far away sections of the country, not yet ravaged by either army, which it was a pleasure to those fixtures of the army called "foragers" to hunt up.

    History of Kershaw's Brigade

  • The brotherhood of "foragers" was a peculiar institute, and some men take as naturally to it as the duck to water.

    History of Kershaw's Brigade

  • These men were called "foragers" from their habit of going through the country, while the army was on the march or in camp, buying up little necessaries and "wet goods," and bringing them into camp to sell or share with their messmates.

    History of Kershaw's Brigade

  • As great "foragers" as they were, they never ventured far in front while on the advance, nor lingered too dangerously in the rear on the retreat.

    History of Kershaw's Brigade

  • So dumbfounded were the innocent "foragers," that they allowed the cavalryman to ride away unmolested and unquestioned.

    History of Kershaw's Brigade

  • Sitting on his horse by the road-side, while the deployment was making, he saw a man coming down the road, riding as hard as he could, and as he approached he recognized him as one of his own "foragers," mounted on a white horse, with a rope bridle and a blanket for saddle.

    Memoirs of the Union's Three Great Civil War Generals


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