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  • Individual volumes focus on various topics, from the reactions of ordinary citizens to forced-draft industrialization and collectivization to the history of the Communist International Comintern, from the last days of the Romanovs to the Gulag system, from victory in the Second World War to the collapse of the Soviet bureaucracy in the Brezhnev period.

    Yale Press Log:

  • Here again we see the tactic of "forced-draft urbanization" at work.

    A Special Supplement: A Visit to Laos

  • Mr. Huntington further claims that I said he "favors" eliminating the Viet Cong constituency by bombardment, whereas he only states that such "forced-draft urbanization" may well be "the answer to 'wars of national liberation'" that we have stumbled upon in Vietnam.

    A Frustrating Task

  • Thus he says that "forced-draft urbanization and modernization," Vietnam-style, may well be "the answer" in general to mass-based peasant revolutions.

    A Frustrating Task

  • The "forced-draft urbanization and modernization" that he believes may be the answer to peasant revolution was, as he makes clear, effected primarily by American military force.

    A Frustrating Task

  • Up in the north, where it gets cold, they learned a lot about metallurgy and ceramics, and about forced-draft pneumatics, from having to keep fires going all winter to thaw frozen food.

    Uller Uprising

  • One forced-draft fan (built by the Buffalo Forge and Blower Company), driven by an 8 by 10-in.

    Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXVIII, Sept. 1910 The Site of the Terminal Station. Paper No. 1157

  • A forced-draft fan has been installed at one side of the hand-fired boiler, to provide air pressure when coal is being burned at high capacity.

    Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXX, Dec. 1910 Federal Investigations of Mine Accidents, Structural Materials and Fuels. Paper No. 1171

  • War, he argued, wasn't in and of itself the answer, but more importantly the "forced-draft urbanization and modernization which rapidly brings the country in question out of the phase in which a rural revolutionary movement can hope to generate sufficient strength to come to power."

  • So Mott had to move gingerly, but now he found an unexpected and extremely powerful ally: Lyndon Johnson, in a series of maneuvers so complicated that none could follow, charmed Texas millionaires into ceding land new Houston to a university, which in turn offered it to NASA as a possible site for the nation's major space center, and with a chain of forced-draft studies which supported the Houston location, Johnson persuaded NASA to locate it, Manned Spacecraft Center there and to staff it with most of the brilliant men from Langley.



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