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  • n. Plural form of forcer.


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  • CO2 is the major contributor to climate change, but climate forcers such as black carbon, ozone and fluorinated gases f-gases can offer dramatic reductions in temperature increases -- and provide us with swift results.

    James Thornton: F-Gases: An Essential Landmark for Europe's Low-Carbon Roadmap

  • The good news is that tackling black carbon, and other so-called "short-lived climate forcers" such as methane, could be a quick win in terms of tackling climate change.

    Wood fires fuel climate change – UN

  • At least half of the barriers to effective action on simple stuff -- including forests, but also technology transfer and action on short-term climate forcers like the hydrogen gasses or methane or black carbon -- involve broader issues of international trust and control, not the dollars and sense of a cleaner global economy.

    Carl Pope: What to Make of Cancún?

  • A serious effort to curb the short-term climate forcers -- methane, black carbon (soot), and the so-called H gases -- is one.

    Carl Pope: Lessons From Denmark

  • The colonization of the Americas, for example, by the Chinese, in the absence of Europeans fails because a Japanese sailor arrives ahead of the Chinese and convinces the Native American tribes to join forcers to withstand the threat.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • If you want real poetry forcers, who stopped people in the streets to speak their poems aloud, you must look to Hans Christian Andersen and the Scottish William McGonagall.

    The Irony of It All

  • How sadly bankruptured our literary arbiters and I use the term loosely have benumbly become: There's an entire visual world out there with so much to offer, if only its producer-pushers or focus-groupie sales-forcers could see/k quality over quantity when it comes to the hi-pri schlox of lowest-common-denominator dynamocks.

    Something I missed ...

  • The City Council of Bristol, the sixth largest city in England pop. 410,000, has advised gardeners not to lock garden sheds, as this only forcers burglars intent on stealing valuable gardening equipment to damage sheds which the city leases to gardeners.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Russia has deployed thousands of troops into another breakaway area of Georgia, Abkhazia, where separatists are launching fresh artillery and air strikes against Georgian forcers.

    CNN Transcript Aug 11, 2008

  • But when a TV channel tells lies to a hyperemotional crowd that special forcers are moving to storm the cathedral church -- that sounds like a threat of civil war and destruction of the state.

    'Nobody Will Ever Forbid Criticism'


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