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  • Strong, narrow plates of iron bolted to the ship's timbers through the side, abreast the foremast.


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  • There was part of a stanchion left erect, belonging to the bulwark near the fore-chains, so, going under the lowermost side of the wreck, he took the cord he had made on shore, and fastening a stone to it that Enee used for a sinker to her fishing-line, he cast it over the stanchion after the manner of the lasso wielded by South

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • The beach was swarming with men, who gave her a cheer, and flung their hats up; and in two or three minutes as many gangways of timber and rope were rigged to her hawse-holes, or fore-chains, or almost anywhere.

    Mary Anerley

  • Wilson seized the lead-line, sprang to the fore-chains, and threw the lead; the rope ran out between his fingers, at the third knot the lead stopped.

    In Search of the Castaways

  • Midwinter resigned his oar to Allan; and, watching his opportunity, caught a hold with the boat-hook on the fore-chains of the vessel.


  • The words were scarcely out of my mouth, before he came down upon us with full speed, and struck the ship with his head, just forward of the fore-chains; ** Between the platform where the foremast shrouds were secured and the bow of the ship. he gave us such an appalling and tremendous jar, as nearly threw us all on our faces.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • During that time she had been twice on fire in her fore-chains and in her forecastle.

    The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson

  • So completely were the Tripolitans deceived that they lowered a boat and sent it with a hawser, while at the same time some of the _Intrepid's_ crew leisurely ran a fast to the frigate's fore-chains.

    The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

  • Lieutenant Decatur ordered a small boat that was alongside of the ketch, to take a rope and make it fast to the frigate's fore-chains.

    Thrilling Stories Of The Ocean From Authentic Accounts Of Modern Voyagers And Travellers; Designed For The Entertainment And Instruction Of Young People

  • Away ahead, the bows were completely submerged right up to the fore-chains, the ocean swell washing right through the _Josephine_ fore and aft, right up to the poop.

    The White Squall A Story of the Sargasso Sea

  • This was the case, too, below in the waist, where the starboard timbers had been carried away nearly to the fore-chains, which probably had acted as a buffer and stayed further destruction in that direction; and it was only owing to this that the galley and pump-box had been saved, as otherwise both would have been swept overboard along with the dunnage I had noticed collected under the lee of the forecastle.

    The White Squall A Story of the Sargasso Sea


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