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  • The foreach statement (also known as a foreach loop) is a language construct for stepping through (iterating) a series of values in a collection of items.

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  • Easiest thing to do is call a foreach () loop over the array, and trim () each row.

    Justin Shattuck

  • Dispose () automatically called foreach statement and try / finally

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  • With ReSharper, I can type "foreach", and hit the tab key it will automatically pick up all variables in the context that implement IEnumerable, selecting the most recently defined one first which is usually the one I want.

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  • Then a '' foreach '' construct is used to iterate through that array of post ids, displaying the title of each post.

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  • This meant the class could traverse rows in data sets by way of a "foreach" construct, and also count them by using a "count ()" method, in a very similar array notation.

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  • I know it is a little correction something like "foreach" loop.

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  • At the end of its execution, the script also showed how to use the functionality of the driver to iterate over those records via a simple "foreach" construct.

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  • Whenever you use a 'foreach' (It allows us to loop through a collection sequentially) loop you are already using iterator pattern to some extent.

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  • You can do so using the standard "foreach" construct in C# or "For Each" in Visual Basic

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