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  • n. Common misspelling of forbearance.


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  • When I feel I cannot bear it any longer and must vault over the wall to wring her neck, I instead write a calming affirmation on a Post-It note eg, "forebearance," "breathe deeply," "take the high road", fold into a small rectangle and slide it into one of the slots on the connector tube of the partition between us.

    - And She Knits Too!

  • If there is no communication, alternatives such as forebearance or loan modification are usually not available.

    Mortgage News Daily - Mortgage And Real Estate News

  • In the US, much of the improvement in households' debt position has come through foreclosures in the housing market, while McKinsey says many lenders in Britain have shown more forebearance with homeowners in negative equity and that this might be disguising the true extent of the mortgage debt problem.

    UK credit binge pushes debt above 500% of GDP

  • UK lenders have shown forebearance with homeowners with negative equity, masking extent of mortgage debt problem.

    UK credit binge pushes debt above 500% of GDP

  • We exercised regulatory forebearance and allowed them to earn their way out of the hole, recognizing that over time the value of their toxic assets would come back (not to par, but to higher than it was at the low point).

    Matthew Yglesias » Geithner’s Recipe for Zombie Banks

  • I think the term was devised by the academic writer on s&Ls, Edward Kane, and referred to institutions that had exhausted their capital and were kept running (fraught with moral hazard) on the fumes from regulatory forebearance and so called “regulatory good will” assets. bobbo Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Kristof on Nationalization

  • To this extent, one might grant Engdahl some forebearance, since his attitude probably reflects a momentary unhappiness with the United States that will surely abate with the passing of the Bush administration.

    Saying Something

  • It is a good thing for Richard and Joan Maple's marriage that Joan exhibits some generosity of spirit, some forebearance and acceptance, since Richard Maple doesn't himself possess many such characteristics.

    Updike, John

  • For National, newsman Joe Little at 10 News, whose one-man-band journalism caught the attention of Al Tompkins of Poynter. org, may help teach our online classes depending on his busy schedule and wife's forebearance.

    Sara-Ellen Amster, Ph.D.: Journalism Students Take on Role of Digital Pioneers

  • India, a rising great power that is an important key to the "AfPak" thicket we're currently in, showed great forebearance after its commercial capital was brought to a standstill by attackers linked to Pakistan.

    William Bradley: Obama's White House Festivities: Good, Bad, or Obvious?


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