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  • n. Plural form of foreboding.


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  • Egerton heard the well-known step advancing near and nearer up the corridor, heard the door open and reclose; and he felt, by one of those strange and unaccountable instincts which we call forebodings, that the hour he had dreaded for so many secret years had come at last.

    My Novel — Volume 12

  • Feel that which causes you to feel; think upon that which is in forebodings your prophet; in omens, your augur; in the events which befall you, your foreseer.

    Romanticism, Alchemy, and Psychology

  • They were filled with dark forebodings from a swift prescience of what it would mean to them were the oduim of anarchy rightly or wrongly attached to one of their members.

    Twenty Years at Hull-House, With Autobiographical Notes

  • When we discover that the forebodings are accurate, we are entirely willing to repeal or forego our idealism.

    An Address by Mr. Arthur Crock

  • She was wont also, when she recalled her forebodings and the events that followed and so signally fulfilled them, to regret that when the Guernsey merchant took his leave, an hour later, she omitted to take note of his boots; it being an article of faith with her that, in his traffic with mortals, the

    The Mayor of Troy

  • The woman who thus expressed her forebodings was a mild young creature, so gentle and inoffensive and yielding that she was known throughout her tribe by the name of Rinka, a name which was meant to imply weakness.

    The Walrus Hunters A Romance of the Realms of Ice

  • I am glad that you and Hester have found each other so quickly and intimately; glad that you are under her charm, as I know her to be under yours; but I am not glad when you spell yourself into her and write out your heart's forebodings on her heart.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • Legend of the Seeker (“Revenant”) – This episode gave us an interesting look back at a previous Seeker and his Confessor along with forebodings of what could happen to Richard and Kahlan.

    Sci Fi TV Briefs – Reaper is Back!

  • Like the little figures with empty eye sockets and forebodings that take Oliva months to paint on his canvases.

    Yoani Sanchez: Punishment Is Swift for Cuban Painter-Politician Who Calls for a Multi-Party System

  • But often Hector seems overly sure of himself, so hard-charging as to awaken forebodings in the reader.

    Le Carré's mission keeps changing, but not his mastery


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