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  • n. Plural form of forecloser.


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  • But the modern mortgage industry needed to support a huge infrastructure of brokers, securities originators and distributors, appraisers, credit raters, accounting firms, mortgage insurers, servicers, and -- importantly -- foreclosers.

    L. Randall Wray: Nightmare on Wall Street

  • Investing in real estate - Looking for real estate deals that include checking hud, and local city foreclosers!

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1204

  • I hope the new elected officals in the next elections will be more interested in jobs and home foreclosers problems than a bill that has been stuffed down there throat with all the back room pay offs and such, I hope my state has gotten its share of the political pay offs

    Senate health bill clears last procedural hurdle

  • The supervising attorneys would be paid, based on an hourly rate, from federal funding and/or a combination of voluntarily paid funds from the nation's foreclosers, with funds held in escrow by a trustee appointed by the DOJ.

    Jennifer Brunner: Hope: A Call to Leadership in the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

  • If McCain can't keep his facts straight on one issue which is foriegn policy [His supposed strength] how's he going to deal with our demestic problems, to include immegration, taxes, gas prices and home foreclosers?

    Obama Campaign Winning Today's Spin War With McCain Over Iraq?

  • OK, let us try to find fairy-tale children's heroes in Gordon Gekko, hedge-fund operators, or the bank foreclosers who have caused the newly poor to live in the streets.

    Caveat Lector: Ecology and Kids

  • This has created a surge of unnecessary foreclosers among people who can afford their mortgages but choose not to do so due to the plummeting values.

    Bailouts will lead to rough economic ride

  • WIth jobs leaving, prices rising, and foreclosers up its not enough AMERICAN MADE products during a war time this is a band aid for a sore economy but it may not help the infection

    Evening Buzz: Bank Bailout

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    Matthew Yglesias » Articles

  • Geithern at the treasury put fannie in charge of the foreclosers, fannie made the profits for their self. Main RSS Feed


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