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  • n. Plural form of foredeck.


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  • “When the issue comes up, it is in the closed boats (with small foredecks), or the center-console boats with a very small platform on the front,” Albert said.

    Coast Guard to watch for bow riding

  • The Goeben resisted for a moment, but then her foredecks slipped beneath the waves.


  • 'Forecastle' is definitely still in use, though raised foredecks ceased to be defensive 'castles' in the 16th century.

    Litha (July) and Trilithi: the early English calendar

  • Marines in bright red tunics stood on their foredecks.

    Burning Tower

  • There were ships with two and three masts, ships whose foredecks were bigger than the entire deck of Weatherlight.

    Mercadian Masques

  • Troops were winding back the arms of the catapults on the vessels 'foredecks.

    Lord of the Isles

  • Inside the building are several areas where bulkheads, afterdecks, and foredecks are assembled alone or in combination as subunits of the final boat.

    Chapter 10

  • And then, suddenly, I couldn't do it all: now that the need for secrecy and stealth was over someone had switched on the cargo loading lights and the midships and foredecks were bathed in a brilliant dazzle of white.

    When Eight Bells Toll

  • People like you -- people with $30,000 to spend on a water toy -- you make me ill with your gleaming white foredecks and your clean fingernails and your engines that start every time with a turn of the key.

    Baltimore City Paper

  • Two launches of the Water Police, their foredecks packed with leather-coated constables ready to disembark, were navigating carefully between the moored houseboats and the launch preparing to take Abe Rogge’s body aboard.

    Death of a Hawker


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