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  • n. Plural form of forefinger.


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  • (Nice initials, btw.) 5 gloved forefingers pointing upward.

    EF 5 • by J.C. Towler

  • In this one, he's faced with a case of murdered young women, all of whom have been found with their forefingers severed.

    'W.E.,' About Royals, Is a Messy Windsor Knot

  • The one at his Website features a picture of himself with smoke streaming from his forefingers above his name, printed in a large italicized font, while "for Amy" appears in small letters beneath these images.

    Stanton Peele: How Could Russell So Badly Misjudge His Life?

  • She showed me how she'd teased him about it, made a circle of her thumb and forefingers, demonstrated rapid cane-polishing motions.

    House By The Sea

  • To make the gesture, players form the 'A-OK' sign over both eyes to form "goggles" with their thumbs and forefingers, and to denote the change in the score stick the other three fingers up in the air.

    College Basketball's Big-Play Goggles

  • The thumb and forefingers of his other hand, hooked under his wide belt, struggled to pull his khaki trousers up over his bulbous belly.


  • Learn to follow the leader, write letters on a chalkboard, call each other friends—a word we make with our hands coming together, our forefingers interlocked.


  • It's hard to click and drag forefingers all over the pad, let alone remember that two fingers or three will bring wildly different results.

    Monina von Opel: Sticking with Clicking (... Is Ofttimes a Drag)

  •  Why didn't she just ask him if he liked food or movies or … but wait, he was nodding, he was leaning in and nodding and stroking his stubbly chin with his index and forefingers.

  • Albric made the sign of the sun, superstitiously: thumbs and forefingers circled opposite one another, fingers fanned out as rays.



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