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  • v. To guard beforehand.
  • v. To guard in front.
  • n. A forward guard, or guard placed out front.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From fore- +‎ guard.


  • The two lords ride until they reach the van, and the rolling downhill stretch below the mounted foreguard.

    Fall of Angels

  • Enaila and the rest of the foreguard were already outside, veils down, with a dozen or so Aielmen.

    Lord of Chaos

  • No foreguard out, and no scouts, or he'd know what was bloody in store for him.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • He made a horn of his two hands and shouted to the foreguard at the foot of the bluff:

    Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp or, the Old Lumberman's Secret

  • Camp side of the stream, watching the leading logs of the drive, and directing the foreguard.

    Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp or, the Old Lumberman's Secret

  • For a mile he had walked quietly, and then a turn in the road showed him a little glen or hollow, watered by such a tiny rushing brooklet as his own woods knew, and beyond, alas, the glaring foreguard of a "new neighborhood"; raw red villas, semi-detached, and then a row of lamentable shops.

    The Hill of Dreams

  • When the foreguard of the Moors was near the entrance to the cave, the king and his men, mounted, led the attack in front, and all along the line the carnage began.

    Women of the Romance Countries

  • For foreguard I shall give you your own forty men, with two-score archers.

    The White Company

  • They assaulted each other, and the Iroquoits found themselves weake, left there their lives and bodyes, saving 2 that made their escape, went to give notice to 200 of theirs that made ready as they heard the gunns, to help their foreguard.

    Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson

  • The monks below, the ranks and ranks of monks with their shining swords, were moving even as they uttered their loud battle cry, surging down the hill toward Oda’s army, the few remaining samurai of the suicidal foreguard swept up by the mass of men as a landslide consumes village huts, vanishing.

    Blood Ninja II


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