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  • adj. Having some specific type of forehead


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  • First off, despite all the CGI in the world, the aliens are ... cartoon versions of rubber-foreheaded Star Trek aliens, physiologically almost entirely human bar a bit of blue tinting.

    Will You Go See Avatar?

  • Now, if we insist upon talking about 'highbrow literature' and science fiction as if they're boxers in opposite corners of the canvas square, then I'd want to pick out another high-foreheaded university professor Roger Luckhurst, whose brilliant history of Science Fiction (published by Polity) has been rather unjustly neglected.

    MIND MELD: What You Should Know About Speculative Fiction and Mainstream Acceptance (Part 2)

  • It's important to have UKIP MEPs in Brussels - they haven't 'been doing nothing' for the past five years you massive foreheaded PR obsessed hollow man - because you need to vote against legislation which Labour, Tories and Lib Dems support and often write.

    bring on the clowns

  • With a blinding white light, a loud bang and a puff of wig powder, he's emerged from the netherworld of Republican politics like a hunched, creepy, bulbous-foreheaded genie -- shamelessly rattling off his "Very Best Of" compilation of fear mongering slogans -- most of which include those two words (September 11th) without which he would have no power whatsoever on the national stage.

    Bob Cesca: Vlad Rudy Has Returned from the Fear Mongering Netherworld

  • He makes vague allusions to his nephew's new philosophy, which he seems to connect to the sweetly foreheaded daughter, and scorns Darnay's choice to abandon France and the family property.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • Of course, no one will confirm that the hairy, wrinkly-foreheaded aliens are even in next winter's "Trek" unless Garner just coughed up something Abrams told her.

    Jennifer Garner Hopes To Boldly Go To J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ » MTV Movies Blog

  • As Gerrard faced a scan conducted by England doctors to ascertain whether the micro-foreheaded midfielder had any form of groin strain, Benitez made frantic last-minute calls to Capello.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Some slope-foreheaded lowlife thieved the whole depository for donations set out there to support the bog boardwalk, which would involve cutting a lock and hauling a hundred pounds of metal for about a quarter mile.


  • It gives the plane a high-foreheaded, thoughtful look.

    The Mother Load

  • Before lunch, the gal I replaced (G. I.R) came by with her mom and her big-foreheaded baby to stop off and chat with a few people (she's moving back home to America Jr., a.k.a. "Canada" on Saturday).

    haloaskew Diary Entry


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