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  • Mary Peterson, 48, of Michigan City, Ind., wonders why the money spent to get people to trash their old gas-guzzlers in favor of new (and, it turns out, often foreign-built) vehicles wasn't spent on health care clinics for the poor.

    Cash for clunker columns

  • That's been established by the high shot of the lines of mainly foreign-built limos outside, the least impressive of which is a stretch-Lamborghini, making up for its vulgarity by half blocking the driveway and being polished in tiny, spiral movements with a lot of spitting and standing back by a keffiyeh-wearing chauffeur in livery.

    is Von

  • More to the point: that demand could easily be satisfied by continuing to import foreign-built clean technologies, so we can't count on carbon prices or cap and trade to bring clean energy jobs back to America.

    Clean Energy Jobs Can Be Shipped Overseas (and What to do About it)

  • Each one said she was too scared to enter a foreign-built machine that might endanger a pregnancy or reduce her fertility.

    Jan McGirk: Checkpoint: Backscatter Fears and Naked Aggression

  • Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., was livid: "To permit Citigroup to purchase a plush plane -- foreign-built no less -- while domestic auto companies are being required to sell off their jets is a ridiculous double standard."

    Corporate America, Ground Your Jets

  • For more than 40 years, a 25% tariff has kept out foreign-built pickup trucks even as a studied loophole was created in fuel-economy regulations to let the Big Three develop a lucrative, protected niche in the "passenger truck" business.

    The Truth About Cars and Trucks

  • Without subsidies, Sea-Land and its main competitors will soon place some of their ships under foreign flags. in effect, they would run three separate fleets: one with foreign crews -- and foreign-built ships -- for international trade; a U. S.-flag international fleet to carry government cargo, and a domestic fleet to serve places like Alaska and Puerto Rico.

    Al Gore's Battle Of The Bizarre

  • Given the late date and the urgent need to replace the AORs with at least two new hulls as soon as possible, a purchase of foreign-built ships might be the only economical option that will balance both fiscal and operational realities.

    JSS: "a compromise between an AOR and a troop ship capable of supporting an amphibious landing is exactly that: a compromise that does neither"

  • For decades they watched their problems grow with foreign-built competition.

    Should the Taxpayers Help U.S.-Owned Auto Makers?

  • French unions want Logans bound for Western Europe to be built in France, but even union reps admit they are torn: the foreign-built Logan may steal jobs, but appeals to unionists as budget-conscious consumers.



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