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  • n. Plural form of foreleg.


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  • Then, when all the people were out, Monday looked up at Walter, gave his hand a little lick as if to say, 'I know it isn't your fault he didn't come – excuse me for feeling disappointed,' and then he trotted back to his shed, with that funny little sidelong waggle of his that always makes it seem that his hind-legs are travelling directly away from the point at which his forelegs are aiming.

    Rilla of Ingleside

  • (Lemur volans), which by means of a membrane extending from what may be termed the forelegs to those behind, are enabled to take short flights, are also not uncommon.

    The History of Sumatra Containing An Account Of The Government, Laws, Customs And Manners Of The Native Inhabitants

  • Conan saw that the 'forelegs' were a pair of grappling devices, held up by cables over the water in front of the bow.

    Conan Of The Isles

  • As you says, the 'orse is dicky on' is forelegs, that is the reason of all the walking exercise. "

    Esther Waters

  • Looking closer, if the "head" were actually a carapace over the thorax (i.e. behind the eyes), this thing would look a lot like a lobster without claws at the ends of its forelegs.

    Ancient Predator Revealed!

  • The girls watched, squatting, their arms wrapped around their knees, as the tremors spread upward along his spine to his forelegs, then his head.


  • At a passage in the rocks, where the brutes upreared hindlegged and stretched their forelegs upward like cats to clear the wall, the way was piled with carcasses where they had toppled back.


  • He smelled up all the story, and, his forelegs in the water till it touched his shoulders, he gazed out across the lagoon where the disappearing trail was lost to his nose.


  • His throat and lungs filled with the pungent stifling smoke of powder, his nostrils with earth and dust, he frantically wheezed and sneezed, leaping about, falling drunkenly, leaping into the air again, staggering on his hind-legs, dabbing with his forepaws at his nose head-downward between his forelegs, and even rubbing his nose into the ground.


  • As it sprang past, he reached out, gripped its forelegs in mid-career, and sent it whirling earthward.



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