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  • n. An anterior appendage, such as a leg, wing, or flipper.

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  • n. The anterior limb (or equivalent appendage) of an animal

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  • n. the front limb (or the homologous structure in other animals, such as a flipper or wing)


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  • She even planned to offer a $150 bounty for the severed forelimb of each killed wolf.

    Think Progress » McCain falsely claims no American servicemembers have been killed or wounded in Iraq in the past three months.

  • Abby hit the stiff forelimb with the meat tenderizer.


  • Argerreich's Introduction to Abnormal Psychology and The Narcissism Epidemic and placed one under Mr. Titters's outstretched paw and the other under his elbow, or elbow-like thing, leaving a narrow forelimb exposed and braced on both ends.


  • While forelimb length is just one of several key morphological changes that occurred during the evolution of the bat wing, this unprecedented finding demonstrates that evolution can be driven by changes in the patterns of gene expression, rather than solely by changes in the genes, themselves.

    Ancient Sleep and Flipping Switches

  • Replacing the mouse Prx1 forelimb regulatory region with the bat Prx1 regulatory region resulted in mice with significantly elongated forelimbs.

    The Panda's Thumb: Development Archives

  • As long as he kept moving, he could rear almost upright; only when he stood still did he have to use his free forelimb as a support.


  • Fowics were like flying squirrels back on Earth, except that their forelimb wings were more fully adapted for flying rather than gliding, and their heads, ears and snouts had a distinctly feline appearance.

    The Orphaned Worlds, 1st Draft, 1st Excerpt « INTERSTELLAR TACTICS

  • In the forelimb, a single humerus was joined to two bones, the radius and ulna, joined to lots of little bones, which we tetrapods would call carpals, metacarpals and fingers.


  • The accidents of the hand are that it is a modified forelimb of a quadruped and that it has five fingers.

    Aliens who Love Jesus

  • I think he's probably referring to the sculpted replica of the "Ultrasauros" forelimb on display at the NMMNH&S.

    Biggest…. sauropod…. ever (part…. I)


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