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  • n. Plural form of foremast.


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  • So timeless was timer that Augustine had failed to suffix for jealous and mean disqualifications arise of epaulets foremasts.

    Berkeley Stations

  • The big foremasts and mainmasts were surmounted by topmasts and sometimes topgallant masts.

    Champlain's Dream

  • Travesties of ships only, mizzens long gone, mainmasts broken off forty feet aloft in cracks and splinters, foremasts more or less intact but stripped of shrouds, clothing hanging limp and wet from lines strung between each fore and main, as well as on the stays connecting the fore with a stub of bowsprit.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Then, with a glance to see that the priming was in order, he took careful sight, and waiting until the grab's main, mizzen and foremasts opened to view altogether, he applied the match.

    In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India

  • Past main and foremasts I crept, past dark store-rooms and cubby-holes, and so to a crack of light, and clapping my eye thereto, espied two fellows rolling dice and beyond them the boy, his hands lashed miserably to a staple in the bulkhead, his little body writhing under the cruel blows of a rope's-end wielded by a great, red-headed fellow.

    Black Bartlemy's Treasure

  • And now, being in no condition to follow, we ceased firing; the main and foretopmast being gone, every main shroud but one on the larboard side cut through, and many on the other, besides having the main and foremasts with all the rigging and sails in general much injured.

    The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders

  • It was thrown from behind the mizzenmast, over which it shot arching its way over the main and foremasts, illuminating every sail and rope, and then diving into the water, piercing the wave, it again shot upwards and vanished in a loud report.

    Letters and Journals 01

  • But as they reached the Peñon and felt the full vigour of that warm breeze, Sakr-el-Bahr, who by Asad's command remained in charge of the navigation, ordered the unfurling of the enormous lateen sails on main and foremasts.

    The Sea-Hawk

  • He advanced slowly along the vessel's waist-deck to the mainmast -- for she was rigged with main and foremasts.

    The Sea-Hawk

  • And as we ranged laboriously up alongside, my eye travelled up the face of the obstruction to its upper edge, and I saw that it was suspended at four points only, two on the port and two on the starboard side, in the wake of the main and foremasts.

    The Pirate Slaver A Story of the West African Coast


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