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  • n. Plural form of forerunner.


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  • She had told them, it was her opinion too, from some numbnesses, which she called the forerunners of death, and from an increased inclination to doze.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • So far the forerunners are a dating site for over/under 30s or a cribbage reseller (29 being the highest score).

  • It was of no use for us "forerunners" to think of going in advance under these circumstances, as it was impossible to keep on one's feet.

    The South Pole~ At the Pole

  • The sense of the authenticating frame of this new work may shift as well: instead of citing contemporary critics and scholars, one might establish ponts of view, indeed a whole system of relations, between Romantic poetry and twentieth-century poets in their manifestoes and poems (as in Rothenberg's and Joris's brilliant new anthology-with-commentaries of modern experimental world poetry, Poems for the Millennium, with its nineteenth-century "forerunners").

    Passion and Romantic Poetics

  • Psychometrists who have studied him say that he has an extremely high psi talent expressed as "forerunners" and "luck" - but what the Senior has to say about them is less polite.

    Time Enough For Love

  • Developed by Zodiak subsidiaries Neo Network, Mast Media and Grand Zentral, the two apps will be available from the beginning of May as "forerunners" to the format's arrival on TV screens.

  • And while the Roosevelt administration never officially promoted eugenics as the Nazis did, its forerunners introduced the doctrine, and the New Deal was born during the heyday of American eugenics.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • Two hundred feet northeast of that spot stands the Senate House, where the forerunners of modern republican legislators continued to meet even after being rendered impotent by imperial rule.

    Where the Ancient Past Is Palpably Present

  • Others alluded to "the forerunners of the national-socialist state".

    My hero: Simone Veil by Marie Darrieussecq

  • But most borrow their print forerunners' reliance on readers grazing through a buy-it-all buffet when theconsumer increasingly expects to "playlist" digital bites, sampling individual stories, songs, tv episodes or streaming movies.

    Bob Moses: The Way We Read Now: The Atavist Finds a Publishing Future in Long-Form Nonfiction


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