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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of foreshadow.


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  • OBAMA IN OREGON (PT. 1) is the name of the new video shot and edited by yours truly, Oregon's Official MTV Choose or Lose Street Team 08 Citizen Journalist, and just as the title foreshadows, there will be two more parts to this tryptych of political goodness.

    Obama in Eugene Pt. 1 [MTV vlog 3-28-08]

  • It's a quick read and the beginning of the story is captivating and suspenseful since the title foreshadows what is about to happen.

    REVIEW: This is the Way the World Ends by James Morrow

  • Suzaku holding a sword foreshadows Lelouch's death, and his mention of Euphemia is appropriate here, for Lelouch's death, like Euphie's, is meant to unite the people-Euphie the Japanese, and Lelouch the world.

    Design daily news

  • Judge's first animated short, "Office Space Featuring Milton," foreshadows "Office Space," his live-action office-satire hit nearly a decade later.

    Hanging on to Ideas

  • Rowling 'foreshadows' the Priori Incantatem effect by telling us, all the way back in book 1, that Harry and Voldemort's wands share a core, but she never lays down rules that explain why this should be important.

    Mike Newell's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: A Harshly Fannish Perspective

  • Tom, I think the fact that you got gas prices where they're at kind of foreshadows why Bob is making a comment about drilling costs. Home Page

  • This, of course, foreshadows Harry's use of the same trick on Slughorn to retrieve the memory; "foreshadows" is not strong enough a word, really - it gives Harry the very idea!

    The Hog's Head

  • Finally, the limited importance of politics and social views foreshadows Chapter 12, where we will discuss how most churches in America feature little to no overt politicking which, as we will explain, is different from saying that nothing of political relevance happens at church.

    American Grace

  • For individuals, lawmakers' interest in the issue also foreshadows possible future efforts to trim other deductions that litter the tax code, such as those for mortgage interest, although real-estate interests already are mobilizing against that.

    Potential Tax Change Is Red Flag for Some Firms

  • It foreshadows things like barn brawls, a family rain-dancing in oil, and hot people staring at one another.

    TNT Releases Dramatic Dallas Trailer


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