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  • n. Plural form of foresheet.


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  • An extremly intricate knot orginally used for belaying the topgallant foresheets of a gaff-rigged China clipper, and now more commonly observed when trying to gen an old kite out of the cupboard under the stairs.

    The Meaning of Liff

  • In a jiffy I had slipped over the side and curled up in the foresheets of the nearest boat, and almost at the same moment she shoved off.

    Treasure Island

  • "The current's less a'ready, sir," said the man Gray, who was sitting in the foresheets; "you can ease her off a bit."

    Treasure Island

  • "Haul aft the main and foresheets!" he sung out in a voice of thunder.

    A Voyage round the World A book for boys

  • I was very anxious to go on service, and O'Brien, who had command of the first cutter, allowed me to go with him, on condition that I stowed myself away under the foresheets, that the captain might not see me before the boats had shoved off.

    Peter Simple; and, The Three Cutters, Vol. 1-2

  • He had bribed the bowman of the second cutter to allow him to conceal himself under the foresheets of the boat.

    Peter Simple

  • A set of grass foresheets, too, that we bought in Spain, got to be great favourites, though, in the end, they cost the ship the life of a very valuable man.

    Ned Myers or, a Life Before the Mast

  • Two of the enemy's men entered the boat just where this fellow stood in the foresheets; he immediately saluted them with a ladle full of the stuff, boiling hot which so burned and scalded them, being half-naked that they roared out like bulls, and, enraged with the fire, leaped both into the sea.

    The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

  • The 150-foot tall ship Peacemaker sails into downtown Wilmington on Saturday morning with her foresheets flying.

    news | WM |


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