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  • n. Dwellers in the forest: with reference to men, or sometimes to beasts and birds, or to imagined creatures of the woods, such as elves, gnomes, satyrs, dryads, etc.


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  • Weller's umpteenth album promises "pop art punch with soulful communication, jazzy explorations into psychedelia and dub with razor-sharp melodies, abstract soundscapes with clear-eyed forest-folk", and features a song named after Kraftwerk's Kling Klang studio.

    The arts in 2012: pop

  • And man, no longer in the bond with the wild things all about him, wages ceaseless war against them, to protect his crops and the fowls and the animals that have come beneath his guardian-ship and know no laws of the air-folk, the brush-folk, or the forest-folk with whom they were once in brotherhood.

    The California Birthday Book

  • His is the religion of a simple, practical forest-folk, based on superstition, which is, after all, common to all primitive peoples.

    Head Hunters of the Amazon: Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure

  • Jay and one or two other quarrelsome forest-folk -- had ever spoken to him like that.

    The Tale of Frisky Squirrel

  • In time the forest-folk grew quite weary of that sport.

    The Tale of Major Monkey

  • Major Monkey shouted to the whole company of field-and forest-folk.

    The Tale of Major Monkey

  • On the following morning the field-and forest-folk began gathering at the edge of the woods near the pasture almost before it was light.

    The Tale of Major Monkey

  • He was a good neighbor for anybody to have, too, because he was one of the most cheerful of all the field and forest-folk that lived in Pleasant Valley.

    The Tale of Freddie Firefly

  • And after he had caught all the forest-folk in Pleasant Valley he intended to take the trap to Swift River and set it for fish and eels and turtles.

    The Tale of Sandy Chipmunk

  • A good many of the forest-folk said that he really wasn't any lamer -- but he was lazier.

    The Tale of Sandy Chipmunk


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