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  • n. Nautical A triangular sail set on the forestay.

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  • n. A triangular sail attached to the forestay


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  • John had no resource but to put up a forestaysail, and run before the gale.

    In Search of the Castaways

  • She lingered, finally, over the _Metacom_, running her easting down far to the southward with square yards under a close-reefed maintop sail, double-reefed foresail and forestaysail, dead before a gale and gigantic long seas hurling the ship on in the bleak watery desolation.

    Java Head

  • Her forestaysail and mizzen spanker were set as though an effort had been made to hold her head up into the wind, but the sheets had parted, and the sails were tearing to ribbons in the half gale of wind.

    Tarzan of the Apes

  • In the meanwhile the schooner lay to with backed forestaysail, tumbling wildly on a dim, grey sea.

    Hawtrey's Deputy

  • The sloop could carry no more than a three-reefed mainsail and forestaysail; with these she held on stoutly and was not blown out of the strait.

    Sailing Alone Around the World

  • When the sloop was in the fiercest squalls, with only the reefed forestaysail set, even that small sail shook her from keelson to truck when it shivered by the leech.

    Sailing Alone Around the World

  • She was running now with a reefed forestaysail, the sheets flat amidship.

    Sailing Alone Around the World

  • I hauled in the trailing ropes, hoisted this awkward sail reefed, the forestaysail being already set, and under this sail brought her at once on the wind heading for the land, which appeared as an island in the sea.

    Sailing Alone Around the World

  • I sailed comfortably on under the jib and forestaysail, which I now set.

    Sailing Alone Around the World

  • Then, putting Cromwell to the tiller, I went forward with the others and set the topsail and forestaysail (the spritsail lying furled), which would be show enough of canvas till I saw what the weather was to be like.

    The Frozen Pirate


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