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  • adj. Like a forest.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

forest +‎ -like


  • Canted glass walls make the relatively modest lobby seem larger and connect it to a dense, forestlike setting.

    Profile of Vancouver architect Bing Thom

  • Arrange pebbles and toy animals amongst the sprouting vegetables to make a forestlike environment.

    pottytrain your child in just one day

  • Ironically, many parts of WoW were much better at this than EQII; I yet have to see a forest in EQII that looks and feels as “forestlike” as Ashenvale or Elwynn Forest .

    Seeing the Magic Circle

  • We were driving down away from the observatory, through the forestlike park.

    A Red Death

  • He pointed at the watchers, forestlike on the steeps.

    Hokas Pokas

  • I was about to open the door when I caught a glimpse of a flurry of movement near the forestlike Grove, several hundred feet in the distance.

    When the Bough Breaks

  • I ran through a vast, forestlike stand of crystalline shapes.

    Trumps of Doom

  • How much, too, the English countryside owes for its beauty to the many old manor-houses, gabled and moated, with their quaint, mossy-walled gardens and great forestlike parks.

    Vanishing Roads and Other Essays

  • The songs are performed by a skilled band teasingly obscured by the thick of a sweeping forestlike canopy at the back of the stage.

    Fore, right!

  • But this version got it right: the forestlike aroma wafting up from bow-tie pasta, the nutty flavor melding with those savory browned onions.



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