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  • noun The quality of being forever, of never coming to an end.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

forever +‎ -ness


  • Good reproduction, the art of the book itself, they true sense or portability and foreverness.

    Smells Like...Thompson

  • Not wanting to believe this, we continually search for that elusive promise of foreverness, and we search for it wherever we can.

    Ed and Deb Shapiro: Are You A Spiritual Window Shopper?

  • Polystyrene's bulky foreverness accounts for one-quarter of our landfill waste.

    Simran Sethi: Life Cycle: Styrofoam: Mark of the Plastic Beast

  • How weird that I have come so far from how I was then, when it felt like a permanent foreverness at the time.

    sheepdip Diary Entry

  • I guess my foreverness of not talking made me wanna talk ... alot!

    clashpunk Diary Entry

  • He crouched before the red-black star and heard the song of foreverness that pulsed in the emptiness in this corner of the universe, wherever it might be.

    Project Pope

  • Seemingly, as was always the case in FTL flight, the ship had been hanging in black nothingness, with no semblance of motion, when it had staggered, lurching and careening through whatever limbo of foreverness in which it had been situated.

    Project Pope

  • And all these deadly seconds his brain and its abilities, so magnificently perfected by the Nunuli, had fought its silent battle for survival on that level of reality below consciousness where, alas, Man actually operated -- Endlessness and foreverness of internal, underlying mental forces that had brought human kind to the brink, with never a single questioning, always an accepting mindlessness of momentary moods and attitudes, to the point where one man and one woman now stood alone against eternity.

    The Battle of Forever

  • As I progressed from envious onlooker at older girls’ weddings to bridesmaid—launching friends through the wedding march to star in white tulle at the altar—I welcomed the inevitability of a coupled future and its foreverness.

    Living Alone and Loving It

  • To Destiny, "he added under his breath," and the foreverness of her gift! "



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